A fascinating dramatization worked out in court after two disappointed sweethearts hauled each other requesting a certain something or the other after their relationship went south.

A video initially shared by online media powerhouse and TV have, Cindy Nkeiru Okafo shows the woman requesting that her sweetheart compensation her back in real money for all the s3x she had with him while they were dating after the person requested an arrival of the relative multitude of things he gifted her.

The woman told the court judge who directed their case that her ex got her a telephone, a wristwatch and an accessory and furthermore asserted he raged her home to gather a generator he gave her.

“Indeed he got me a present, he got me a telephone and wristwatch. One morning he just came to my home, I don’t comprehend and I saw him through the window.” she said.

“I hurried and conceal a few things since I know the sort of individual he is. He just hurry to my back yard and afterward gathered my generator and requested that I give him back the wristwatch and telephone,” the woman said, adding that she is gaining from previous experience.

“I need him to give me back my generator, and when he gathered the generator, I let him know that I can’t repay him. This watch and this telephone, are mine. All things considered, we engaged in sexual relations together,” she added.

The man was lowered by her solicitation as he was unable to evaluate in financial terms the amount he owes the woman in such manner.


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