As contention trails the demise of a boarding understudy of Dowen College, Lagos, Sylvester Oromoni, one more understudy visitor from St Michaels Boys College, Ozubulu, Anambra State, Master Chimdalu Onyekwuluje has allegedly kicked the bucket.

Onyekwuluje, a JSS 2 understudy of the school, matured 11 was said to have kicked the bucket because of carelessness with respect to the school the executives, who would not call his folks to pick him, after he became sick.

It was a miserable sight at Uzoakwa, Ihiala, Anambra State, where the perished kid was covered as family and neighbors cried as the youngster was entombed in his family compound.

Guardians of the expired kid, Prince Cornelius and Ogochukwu Onyekwuluije who addressed writers during the entombment of their child said in any event, when the understudy’s wellbeing had completely decayed, the administration demanded he should remain behind to complete his tests before he would be delivered, saying the choice was the justification for his passing.

The understudy had purportedly passed on seventeenth December 2021, nine days after he was gotten by the guardians from St Michaels Boys College, after a cousin to the expired acquired a telephone to alarm the guardians that the kid was sick, and that the school the board was not prepared to deliver him until he completed his tests.

Onyekwuluje said: “My child, Bright Chidalu Onyekwuluje vanished of carelessness with respect to the school. He was debilitated, and they wouldn’t tell us. It was my child’s cousin that acquired a telephone to call his mom to advise us to come and pick Bright that he was passing on
“He let us know he has been the one support him from the school inn to the homeroom ordinarily, to sit for tests.

“At the point when I demanded I should see him, I was astonished the kid looked so terrible that he was at that point biting the dust. I inquired as to whether this was the kid he said was okay, however he didn’t reply. Presently I have lost my main child,” he cried.



In the mean time, the head of St Michaels Boys College, Rev Fr Romanus Ike Muoma has rejected that the school the board postponed in delivering the understudy to his folks.

Fr Muoma who addressed Odogwublog in his office during a visit that: “The kid was seen here in school moving about with different understudies, days before his dad came. What we have here (school) is anything but an assistant medical caretaker, however a certified attendant from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital Nnewi, and we pay intensely for his administrations.

“The kid was analyzed of intestinal sickness, and was promptly put on therapy, and a short time later, he was OK. At the point when it was observed that the kid was sick once more, it was the gatekeeper that called the guardians to come and take him.”

At the point when informed that the expired’s cousin who had called the parent to alarm them of the sickness was rebuffed by the school for doing as such, Father Muoma said the kid was simply made to knee down for certain minutes, saying it was contrary to the standard for understudies to call guardians, as calls are just produced using an essential issue by the administration.

Onyekwuluje family has anyway shown its advantage to seek after equity for their child. Mr Ben Onyekwuluje, senior sibling of the perished kid’s dad said a request has been shipped off the Inspector General of Police, Alkali Baba and the family will remain determined until equity is served.